Spyware is one of the most harmful types of malware. The destructive capabilities of spyware are truly worrying. Spyware watches exactly what you are doing, even to the extent of what you are typing. Yes, this means Spyware has the capability to learn your logins. So it goes without saying, you want to protect yourself from Spyware. There is a huge amount of anti-spyware software out there, make sure whichever one you choose has the five features that will keep you safe against spyware.

Tech support

One of the most important features to look for in anti-spyware software is tech support. Before you buy, look at the support options available. Is there a 24/7 live chat? How about a phone support line? How easy is it to find software-specific online forums? Can you find video tutorials on how to use the software?

Ease of use

Another massively important feature is ease of use. How simple is this anti-spyware software to use? Can you navigate the menus with ease? How difficult is it to tweak the settings? Tweaking the settings will provide a greater level of protection whilst also providing a level of protection that is more suitable for YOUR specific needs.

Frequent updates 

Spyware is constantly evolving. As soon as one type of spyware gets defeated by anti-spyware software, a new version of spyware is being developed to be able to sneak past. Make sure that whichever version of anti-spyware software you choose features frequent updates to be able to combat all the new versions of spyware that older anti-spyware software would not stand a chance against.

Compatibility with other anti-virus programs

It is possible to find standalone anti-spyware specific software. Or you could find a complete anti-malware package. Or you could even combine different types of anti-malware software! An important feature of anti-spyware software is compatibility with other anti-malware software. More software working together in harmony will equal less chance of a successful malware attack.


Last but not least, how much is this going to cost? This depends greatly on if you are buying stand-alone anti-spyware software or a complete anti-malware package? Either way, make sure you utilize the free trial and compare other products too. Remember there is a huge amount of free anti-spyware software out there to choose from if you do not want to spend a thing.