You see it all over the news. Antivirus attacks, hackers stealing thousands of user details, “does your device have a Trojan horse waiting to attack?”. Closely followed to these headlines is usually a link. “Cover yourself here…”. How do you know these virus horror stories are not just advertisements for expensive antivirus software? Why would I want antivirus software?

The web is a dangerous place. A single person in their bedroom can do a significant amount of damage. Viruses have evolved massively throughout the years. They are now more lethal and harder to detect than ever. Viruses can disguise themselves as innocent files on your device and then steal incredibly sensitive information without you even knowing. Online banking details, social media logins, and other important documents are all up for grabs unless if you have some form of protection. Fortunately, antivirus software is now widely available on the web.

Viruses are everywhere. Ever been sent a really random email going along the lines of “you are owed money. Click here to see how much”. Or maybe you have been sent a link by one of your friends on social media going along the lines of “you will not believe how much weight I’ve lost! Take a look here…”. Chances are that these links are harmful.  Antivirus software can tell which links are harmful before it is too late. If you do not protect yourself then you could be the one sending your friend's harmful links and not even know it.

It is common nowadays for antivirus software for antivirus software to come with parental controls. Or at least some form or content filter. This is essential for families with young children. The web as we know is a powerful resource for learning. But one or two clicks away from a great learning site could end up with your children coming across something very inappropriate. You want your children to be protected against harmful material and from downloading potentially harmful files. Antivirus software can do this. Parental controls are often easy to manage by the parent. The parent can see what their kids are looking at on the web and how long they are spending on the web. An invaluable tool for parents.