There are plenty of Windows antivirus software providers available on the internet today but the question is what things should a good Windows antivirus include?



As obvious as it sounds, a good Windows antivirus software should include, yes you guessed it, antivirus. The software should perform a comprehensive scan of your Windows machine locating any malicious software such as malware, adware and Trojans. The software should locate the software, quarantine it so you can take a look over the results to make sure you aren’t about to destroy something you shouldn’t be and then give you the option to rid your Windows machine of it once and for all.


As well as providing the obvious, a good antivirus should offer you additional protection from a whole range of things. One common feature that more and more Windows antivirus providers are offering is a system boost. Over a period of time it is not uncommon that your Windows machine may slow down and become sluggish, a system boost will help detect the programs and system errors that are making your machine slow and eliminate them, this in turn speeds up your Windows PC making it feel like new.


Other common features that should be available are things such as parental controls, giving you the ability to monitor your children’s use of the internet and put blocks on websites you deem unsafe for your children to use. VPN access is also something that is becoming more and more accessible through antivirus providers, giving you the ability to use a different IP address making logging into secure accounts safer.


If you can tick all of these boxes when looking for a Windows antivirus provider then you are on the right track and you should be able to surf the internet knowing you are safe from all of the vicious software attempting to ruin your day.