With the rise in Mac use all over the world, virus developers have started targeting them much more. Macs are renowned for their highly secure operating systems and minimal virus attacks so should you even need any protection? There have been much less reported virus attacks on Macs when compared to Windows, but is this because of their more secure operating systems or to do with the fact they only cover around 7% of the market share (Windows is around 90%!).  The only reported malicious attacks on Macs have actually been very serious and detrimental to the users – massive loss of personal data and a lot of credit card numbers were stolen.


The question is, is your current protection sufficient enough or should you change it to a more advanced suite? If you’re currently using a free antivirus the chances are you need to upgrade - subject to the type of usage. If you use your Mac device for undertaking offline tasks (video editing, word processing etc.) then the chances are a free antivirus will be adequate for your needs. But if ever connect to the internet you’re opening yourself up to a whole host of dangers.  This is when you’ll definitely require an advanced paid package. 


What if you’re already running a paid solution? This is a very good start, most paid packages will offer a very similar feature set but some are a cut above the rest, offering additional features for very similar money.  These features can mean the difference between being fully protected to mostly protected, and these days, not being fully protected simply isn’t good enough. So, what do you look out for? If you’re frequently accessing websites that feature advertisements (typically any website these days, but social media and news sites are the main contenders for these) then you’ll require a browser protection tool. If you often use your Mac on public networks then a firewall is also required and if you receive mail via an email client like Outlook, then an anti-spam feature is highly recommended.


We suggest looking at the whole picture - your initial budget may limit your choices but the number of features may outweigh your limited budget and therefore keep you much better protected.  If you’re better protected online the chances of being maliciously attacked by a computer virus significantly falls. If you aren’t protected and get effected, virus removal can cost up to or over $150.  Suddenly a $40 security suite seems very reasonable. Get fully protected today!