It may seem a silly question but it’s surprising how many people don’t know whether having multiple instances of antivirus installed on their windows PC is a good thing or a bad thing.


Well in short the answer is no, having more than one windows antivirus provider installed on your PC can have some negative effects on how your windows machine runs. It is easy to see how someone would devise that more protection the better however windows antivirus and the providers of the software aren’t built in a way in which there is any benefit to using them side by side.


One of the main reasons for it being a bad idea is that the two (or more) instances of windows antivirus can and most probably will try and rid one of the other, this is due to the way your antivirus reports information and monitors incoming software, it is likely that one antivirus will see this as malicious and attempt to liberate your windows pc of this seemingly unwanted threat.


Another important reason for not installing multiple instances of windows antivirus is the fact that it will drain your windows machine of power. When an antivirus performs a scan, something that you should do frequently, it takes up a significant amount of memory, this is due to all of the files it is searching. Imagine if you had 2 or more of these performing system scans on your computer at the same time! This would sap the power of even the most powerful windows PCs.


Bottom line, find a solid windows antivirus that works efficiently and make sure you perform regular scans, as long as you stick to this policy there is no need to follow the mantra of ‘the more the merrier’.