Choosing to protect yourself against viruses can be such a crucial decision. Especially when it comes to safeguarding personal details online.  But choosing which anti-virus software to go for can be a tricky decision. With so many to choose from all different types of developers small and large, make sure you make the right decision and go for anti-virus software that packs these features…

Constant updates

New types of viruses are being created every single day. Anti-virus software dating a few years or even a few months back will be outdated by the new catalogue of harmful viruses. Viruses are constantly evolving to be able to bypass anti-virus software. Make sure the developer is constantly updating.

Tech support

Anti-virus software can sometimes be tricky to use. Make sure whichever product you choose has extensive tech support options. This way be in the form of online forums or tutorials on the developers website. A 24-hour customer support line or maybe a 24/7 online live chat to help with enquiries quickly. Research this before you buy. Look at the developers website, find the support page and see for yourself what options are available.

Email protection

One of viruses’ most favorite ways to get into your computer is by disguising themselves as email attachments. You want to make sure whatever anti-virus software you choose will protect your email inbox too.  Some more advanced anti-virus software is capable of previewing email attachments before they are opened to identify any potential threats. This could turn out to be invaluable.

Network protection

Viruses can spread beyond your computer and end up infecting the entire network too. Which may cause the damaged caused to multiply significantly. Look at purchasing anti-virus software that will go one step further and protect your entire network too. This feature could be especially useful for families or businesses.

Antivirus software does not have to be expensive. There are so many well-equipped and well-priced solutions out there. It does not take long to find them. There are also plenty of basic virus protection tools out there for no cost at all!