Removing viruses from your computer can be incredibly difficult. Often the hardest part is finding the virus in the first place! Viruses have evolved drastically and are now harder to spot than ever. How can you effectively search for viruses and destroy them? Virus scan software is the answer you are looking for. Make sure whichever product you choose packs these 5 features to ensure the highest level of protection.


It is possible to find virus scan software is it’s own standalone product, or as part of a complete anti-virus package. Make sure you look at how well your virus scan software will work with virus removal software. Virus scanning is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping safe!

Ease of use

Ensure that whichever virus scan software you choose is easy to use. The huge benefit of having easy to use software is that it is easier to tweak the settings and make it right for you. Your requirements are unique and the default settings may not be the most efficient in your circumstance.


This may sound obvious. But look at the cost. Are you buying just a piece virus scan software? Or the full anti-virus package? Look at the features, compare other products. Are you getting the best deal? Remember there is plenty of free virus scan options out there too.

Log of findings

Good virus scan software will often keep a detailed log of findings. Keep finding the same virus over and over again? Then something has got to change? A results log is also useful because it will tell you how often a virus search occurs. Remember more frequently the better!

Backup or restore options

Another important feature to look for is some form of backup or restore options. If you happen to find a virus or some other form of a harmful file then it may be easiest to simply restore to a point when a virus scan found no harmful viruses at all. Good virus scan software will also be able to backup important files and folders automatically.