Antiviruses for Macs are becoming more and more needed as the demand for them is rapidly increasing. This is mainly due to the market share of macs increasing which has resulted in virus developers seeing the Apple operating system as more of a potential victim than ever before.


Choosing an antivirus is similar to choosing a car, you need to look at your requirements before buying. What do you use your computer for? And would you benefit from all the extra features of a more expensive package… We suggest evaluating your needs, starting from now. Do you often connect to the internet? Visit social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Shop online? Log on to your internet banking? Receive emails via an email client? If you do any of these then we highly recommend getting a feature-rich package that includes real-time protection, browser protection, an advanced firewall and lastly an anti-spam. There are even some packages that include or allow you to add-on a VPN (virtual peer network) service which will further help protect you online.


Of course, you will also need to look at your budget also. If you really don’t want to be paying for antivirus software then we suggest at minimum to run a free antivirus for your Mac. However, some antiviruses will only cost around $2/month and for such a minimal running cost we’d suggest upgrading or buying a paid suite. This will give you piece of mind, as you can never be too safe online these days! On the other hand, if you’re only using your Mac for offline tasks like word processing and photo editing then a paid antivirus could be an overkill and you wouldn’t make use of the extra features that are included in upgraded versions.


To conclude, we suggest looking at your requirements right now, and then comparing them to what the companies we review offer to find your best fit antivirus. This way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and that you aren’t wasting money on a suite that offers too much or too little for your needs.