Antivirus software in nutshell is software designed to detect, destroy, and prevent any viruses are malware entering your system. This type of software comes in many forms. Wether it be specialised software for detecting specific types of viruses or malware. These types of software can help you in more ways than you can imagine. From protecting your own device to your whole families’ devices to keeping your banking details safe.


A common feature among antivirus software is a firewall. A firewall is the computer equivalent of locking your home. Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to your devices, preventing hackers and malware alike from accessing sensitive and personal information whilst you are not there. Some more advanced antivirus software offer two-way firewalls. Two-way firewalls prevent harmful data or sensitive information being sent out past the firewall. So, any viruses or malware cannot send out harmful personal information.

Keeping details safe

As mentioned previously, antivirus software can keep your personal details safe. Viruses and malware such as Trojan Horses and Spyware can gain authorised access to your personal details. Contact details, email addresses, social media logins, online banking details. You name it, there is a nasty piece of software out there that can get it. There is also software out there designed to combat and prevent this from happening. Antivirus and antimalware software is widely available on the web. Be sure to get yourself covered and not become one of the many victims of cybercrime.

Preventing intrusions

Viruses and malware have been constantly developed, improved, and updated across the years. They are now even better at getting into your system and doing damage. They can get into your system in many ways. Email attachments, URL links, internet downloads and many more. Antivirus software can prove invaluable to you when preventing intrusions into your system. Unauthorised intrusions into your system could be incredibly damaging to the victim. Bank details, logins, important documents could all be a stake when leaving a computer unprotected.

Keeping your network secure

Antivirus software often goes beyond protecting just one device. Depending on which antivirus product you go for you can choose to protect multiple devices, across multiple devices too. It is possible to purchase yearly plans for multiple PC’s, Mac’s and even Android phones.  Antivirus software can even go one step further and protect the whole network from cyber-attack. So you are well and truly covered on every front.