One of the more common offenders from the never-ending catalog of malware is Spyware. Spyware is very hard to detect and remove. Spyware lays down low on your computer and watches everything you do. What websites you go on, how frequently you visit those sites, who you talk to on social media, spyware also looks at your email, personal folders, and so much more. The malware then broadcasts all this personal data to advertising companies who then bombard your computer and web browser with annoying ads. But that is not just it. Spyware also has the capability to learn your logins to social media, online banking, eBay, Amazon, you name it, the spyware could potentially know yours and give all your logins to a hacker on the other side of the world without you even knowing.

Scary huh? This is why you should invest in anti-spyware software. But which one should you choose? Here are 4 things to look for when making that decision…

Constant updates

The catalog of different types of spyware is constantly being improved and new types of spyware are being added every single day. Make sure whatever anti-spyware software you choose is frequently updated by the manufacturer to provide up to date protection.  The old anti-spyware software is only good against the spyware that was out on the web at the time of its release.

Constant protection

As I mentioned previously spyware is 9 times out of 10 very hard to detect. When choosing anti-spyware software you want to choose one that will constantly protect you. Some anti-spyware software only works when you operate a virus scan manually. This is no good.  It is a waste of your time when you have to scan for spyware when there is software out there that is capable of doing it automatically.

Ease of use

Good anti-spyware software is easy to use. Look at the screenshots of the software. Does it look easy to use? Are the menus clear and easy to navigate? Download the free trial if you can? Anti-spyware software that is easy to use can improve the level of protection you receive. Most forms of security software are customizable, so be sure to have a look at how you can customize the anti-spyware software you choose.


There is no reason why protection against spyware should be costly. Anti-virus software can frequently be found for free! If you are looking for more advanced protection or protection across multiple devices then paid anti-virus software may be the one for you. Just make sure whatever product you go for has a good amount of support resources and ticks all the boxes mentioned above!