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Avast have been doing their thing for 20 years now. It has been a bumpy ride for the Czech company but now they are dominating. Just recently, Avast bought antivirus giant AVG for $1.3 BILLION dollars, granting them a huge market share. Avast are quick to boast about how good their services are. On the homepage of the Avast website, it will show you how many individual virus attacks they have “saved the world from”, when I look now it says 2,368,767,045. Which is pretty impressive, must mean they have some good software available!

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Avast almost seem to push the free version of their antivirus software more than the premium. The free version itself has some great traits. It has picked up awards consecutively such as the PC Mags editors choice, Virus Bulletin 100, and AV-Comparatives top performer award. The free version will protect as many devices as you like, for free, forever. You cannot say that is not good value! Avast is customizable too, therefore allowing you to make it as complex or as simple as you like. The premium version of Avast will cost you £49.99 for one PC, for one year. The difference between free and premium? The premium will go beyond your device and protect the whole network. As well as providing you with a vast support network and plenty of handy tools to keep your computer virus free.

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

Avast has all the awards and all the good reviews. Avast is much like that kid that wins everything at school. Unlike that kid, Avast is constantly changing and updating to keep up with the constantly developing viruses which are out there on the web. Which is great news for you the customer, but does make those awards and reviews outdated. This is not to take anything away from Avast, but do take the reviews with a pinch of salt, as they may be for a different version of the software compared to the one you will download. Take it from us when we say that Avast is a good looking, effective and efficient piece of software, that will keep you virus free for years and years to come.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

Thought it couldn’t get better? Avast provides some incredible support to it’s customers. Even if you are using the free version of Avast, you can still take advantage of the 24/7 phone support. The Avast website is absolutely stunning and so easy to use. You will find the answer to your query so quickly on the Avast website, unlike some of the other antivirus companies websites. Avast does lack a live support chat. Which is a shame, but surely the 24-hour phone support line makes up for it.


Avast is full to the brim with some amazing features. Looking specifically at the premium version, you can find some really cool stuff here. Such as anti-spam to keep your emails nice and tidy, data shredder to keep your deleted files well and truly deleted, and the awesome Sandbox feature which can test any file in a securely sealed space before opening it up for good. Avast also automatically updates, keeping you constantly protected against all the nasty threats out there.

Customer Reviews

Carmichael Fitz Rawlins - 4 months ago

Your it department is leaving Ransomware on your customers PCs

Ronald Morey - 4 months ago

Avast snuck onto my computer 2 days ago, giving itself higher permissions than exist which is why, it has been impossible to delete/uninstall/quarantine/rename. Avast is a virus.

Debbie Franklin - 4 months ago

I bought a two year subscription-Big Mistake! I constantly get pop ups about this problem or that problem that can be solved with an additional $ per problem they found. This just tells me that WHATEVER I payed for was a waste sand I will not be making that mistake again. They constantly try to put fear into you -Bad Business-Do not BUY!!!!!!

Jim Heaton - 4 months ago

Bought the up grade, just did an update today. That was the last time the AV worked. Now I just get a gee this is embarrassing, page. Fix it or F You - 8 months ago

Please return the £89.00 you have taken from account, and get lost

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