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Total AV

Total AV have made a massive impact recently in the antivirus world. The software has been designed for the current market and so supports all kinds of devices; Mobile, Tablet, PC, Mac – you name it! We think you’ll agree that the website looks very contemporary and is easy to navigate through. So, Total AV? Feature-rich with a gorgeous UI, you’d think it’s got it all.. but what about performance, support and value for money?


Currently Total AV are offering an introductory rate of $19, which includes access to their state-of-the-art antivirus, multiple device (x3) protection and a lot more! We’ll go into more details about the features included in the corresponding section below. So with this price in mind and the ability of supporting 3 devices on the standard licence it’s going to cost you less than $1.50/Device. Very reasonable for a brand new product! offer a 30 day money-back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security come out top when it comes to security and performance. They monitor for threats in real time but don’t affect your computers performance which is spectacular seeing as though some of the big name competitors really slow down your machine. So if you like keeping your machine running fast then is for you.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

Well what else can we say but wow… the support is immense! Video tutorials, knowledge base FAQs, information-rich articles, email support and also 24/7 live chat! A fairly big disappointment however is the lack of phone support. We understand live chat is probably the most popular way of contacting customer services these days but there’s still a significant proportion of people out there who can’t beat picking up the phone and speaking to someone directly. However, you must bear-in-mind that Total AV is new to the market and might well introduce phone support in the near future!


The feature list is pretty limited at the moment but the quality of the features are very good. So it goes back to the old saying ‘quality over quantity’. They are also planning to introduce a lot more features in the near future, so you might end up seeing both quality and quantity pretty soon! We’ve made it out to seem like you’re missing vital features, which just isn’t true, but maybe some extra bonus features that are available (useful or not is another issue to address) with the likes of Norton and BullGuard.

Customer Reviews

mack atkenson - 4 months ago

it.s good i love it

AUGUSTE Fritz Gerald - 5 months ago

good for my pc . I lie this

chinhdao - 5 months ago


chinhdao - 5 months ago


total av fan - 7 months ago

so i had a malware the disabled my windows defender and this godly anti virus helped me respects i bow down to you

eric saul - 8 months ago


Hasan - 11 months ago

its cool

ken parker - 11 months ago

seems good

Louise Davis - 11 months ago

think its a good protector

Anthony John Acres - 1 year ago

Already just posted my review (GREAT)