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Bitdefender often slips in underneath the radar of the antivirus market. Bitdefender was founded in 2001 in Bucharest, Romania. Since 2001 Bitdefender have come a very long way. They are renowned their amazing features packed into their reliable and easy to use software. With Bitdefender you can cover your Mac, PC, and even your android phone! Since they started in 2001, Bitdefender have been keeping up with big boys and never failing to take the necessary steps to succeed in the hard antivirus market. But what separates Bitdefender from the rest?


Like most antivirus software, Bitdefender offer a free trial on all of their antivirus software for 30 days. Allowing you to try and test each one to see what suits you best. Bitdefender offer three different antivirus solutions. Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, and Total Security. Antivirus plus providing basic protection on 3 devices will cost you £39.99 per year. Internet security will provide more advanced protection on 3 devices for for £49.99 per year. Total Security unlike the other two provides cover on 5 devices which can be Mac, PC, and Android, but will cost you £59.99 per year. It is more expensive, and a shame you cannot by protection for a single device, bearing in mind most households only have one PC.

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

Testimonials from companies both large and small are all over antivirus review sites praising Bitdefender's awesome features and impeccable ease of use. If the testimonies were not enough, Bitdefender also hold many coveted awards such as the PC Magazines editors choice, PC Magazine loved Bitdefender that must they named it their best buy! This is all adding up to be one great piece of antivirus software, one of which you really should not worry to wether it is secure or not. BitDefender is also really easy to use, so you can customize your own Bitdefender experience to be as complex or simple as you like. It is up to you.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

Bitdefender has technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your query. This 24/7 helpline is in the form of a live chat and phone support for certain countries. If you are from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA you can call Bitdefender support in your own country 24/7. If you are not from any of those 4 countries have a look at Bitdefender's website to see if there is a help line for your country. If not you can call the worldwide number 24 hours a day, but this service is only in English. Bitdefender also has a huge variety of how-to guides and faqs on their website.


As I mentioned previously, Bitdefender has some pretty killer features in their software. Of course, which of these features you will receive depends on which version of Bitdefender you purchase. Starting at the entry-level Antivirus plus, you'll receive quite a lot of features, that are premium features with other antivirus companies! These features include Anti-Ransomware, Online Banking Protection, Password Manager and Antifraud Protection! Where things start to get interesting is if we move up to Internet Security, Bitdefender will also allow you to create file encryption vaults to store important documents, file shredder to make deleted documents unrecoverable and parental advisor. Make the step up the Total Security and Bitdefender will throw in some of their own anti-theft tools, android protection, and a one-click optimizer which will be sure to speed up your devices.

Customer Reviews

Diane - 1 month ago


Aj - 2 months ago

Been using Bitdefender for over 10 years now. It’s NEVER let me down, not even once

Rather not.... :( - 4 months ago

:( :( :(

arpee - 11 months ago

If I could give them 0 stars I would. Good protection but they are scam artists in their pricing and billing practices. Shows one price on main page but click on Buy Now and next page shows a higher price with no explanation why. Log in to BitDefender Central to check price there and shows an even higher price. And every year at renewal time they try to auto-renew at full msrp when I didn't sign up for it. I've called their support but get nothing but run-around. I like the protection but due to the pricing, billing, and support scams I'm done dealing with them. I will find another product.

Jack - 1 year ago

I think it’s a great product. Installed it on my new laptop AFTER what I thought was finished setup. It immediately came up with about three critical windows updates and proceeded to install them. Does a great job of keeping me informed at what programs are doing what while I’m on the computer Nuff said

Joseph - 1 year ago

I have purchased Bitdefender 2018 and have nothing but problems! I have contacted them about the VPN not connecting and the software not working correctly. They replied a couple of times but not with any resolution for my Windows tablet. This has been ongoing for a few weeks and I have asked for a refund, but now they are ignoring my requests. Very sad and not very professional. All I want is a fix or a refund please so I can buy protection that works.

Nancy - 1 year ago

I’ve been using Bitdefender for about a year and will not be renewing it. While its security is probably good, it throws up the protection screen whenever I use Capital One and makes what should be an easy project twice as long. This may be due to some error on my part, but I need tiled screens to conduct my work and cannot do this with that extra screen up.

gary - 2 years ago

awesome been using bitedefender for a number years never had any problems

Tom Artteton - 2 years ago

Not overly impressed with what I have purchased here, pretty confusing piece of software.

Sandeep - 2 years ago

Protected my PC pretty quickly, don't know if that means its a really good bit of software or doesn't really do much? The jury is still out.