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One of the largest names in antivirus software. McAfee has been making reliable, secure, and incredibly popular antivirus software for 30 years. From such a large name brand it is fair to expect some high quality products. McAfee have since refined their range of antivirus software and are now putting out the best antivirus software they have ever made. McAfee is everywhere. Most Dell and Acer laptops come with some form of McAfee antivirus protection already installed! In 2010 computer supergiant intel took over McAfee and since then McAfee user numbers have grown and grown. Are you going to follow the trend of McAfee?


Choosing which version of McAfee to choose is a difficult decision to make. There are so many different versions each at different prices and each boasting different features. Look to pay anywhere between £49.99 and £89.99 for McAfee protection, depending on what level of security. You can choose between Antivirus plus, Internet Security, Total Protection and the most expensive, most advanced version is McAfee LiveSafe. Looking at the entry-level basic Antivirus Plus, you will be covered against security threats on your PC, Mac, iOS device, and Android devices. As well as being guarded against malware on social media. Which is quite frankly exceptional value for the entry level product. Imagine what you get with the LiveSafe version….

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

McAfee are a huge force in the antivirus market. They would not be where they are today if they were not both secure and reliable. Vigorous testing by AV-Comparatives has shown that McAfee has come out on top for every single test. McAfee also provides a 30-day money back guarantee for all antivirus purchases. It’s nice knowing you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service. It is worth mentioning that McAfee is notorious form slowing down the performance of your device, so bear that in mind when making your decision. McAfee software is incredibly easy to use. Manually virus searching or reconfiguring automatic searches and other settings to allow for greater protection.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

There are some really extensive options available when you need to get some help with McAfee. Within the software itself there are FAQ’s and basic help available. McAfee also have their own dedicated online support website. Full with step-by-step assistance to help resolve any issue you have. If that is not sufficient McAfee also have their own phone support line and live chat available. McAfee want to look after you. They will always go out of their way to help you.


All McAfee antivirus software come jam packed with some incredible features. Even the basic version protects your PC, phone, network and more. Taking the step up to McAfee Internet Security will provide you with anti-spam security and parental controls. The difference between Internet Security and the more advanced LiveSafe edition (skipping Total Protection) is only two features. These two extra features will cost you £30. You can make the judgement for yourself if you need to spend extra for McAfee file lock and secure cloud storage.

Customer Reviews

Kenneth French - 1 month ago

Your McAfee Total Protection wont install, (unexpected Error 0000X1Z00DS1 occurred. Please help with download

Geoffrey Ather - 1 month ago

very good

peter hopkins - 1 month ago

best anti virus on the market - 2 months ago


Adrian Butler - 2 months ago

I haven't had McAfee on my computer for three years yet you still keep taking money from my account, despite promising to return my money you still have not,

Jean Marie - 2 months ago

I have been trying to cancel my protection with out any luck. I am 87 years old and use my computer games

paul medlock - 3 months ago

its the best

Patricia Brown - 4 months ago

I want to know why you continue to ask me to sign on with your product when you already billed my credit card? Please just give me a credit ---as I will go elsewhere after speaking with my children.

bawa sani - 4 months ago

good product

JOHN BUOTE - 4 months ago

this is the biggest piece of crap my computer is slower , freezes up a lot after I installed this lousy software I cant get in touch with them for help