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Scanguard have an intuitive antivirus software which is accessible from anywhere and also support multiple devices as standard. It may look fancy but have they had enough experience in the market to compete with the likes of Norton and McAfee? We suggest to continue reading to find out…


Scanguard is currently being offered at $39.95 per year for their Pro Antivirus suite, but is only a limited time offer so grab it whilst you can! And the best thing is that they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee so there’s no risk to trying it. We’ve tried the software and believe it’s worth every penny, it’s smooth, aesthetically pleasing and offers solid protection. The value per device works out at less than $2/device per month if you allocate the 3 slots, which is very reasonable! Another great reason to consider Scanguard is because of the way they handle their extra features, you can pick and choose so can effectively create a custom package just for you.

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

So, does Scanguard compete with the big-timers? In a word, yes. We’ve done some vigorous testing and performance wise it actually out performs Norton, which is surprising as they have over 30 years’ experience in the field. It just proves that it’s not all about experience. It’s reassuring to see that they offer the same basics anti-malware features as the most popular AVs and so we have no doubts Scanguard will protect your devices. Another bonus is that the software is simple, so even the most technophobic users can use it with ease.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

Support isn’t an area Scanguard hold off on either, connecting to their live chat took less than 1 minute and didn’t require us to fill out any lengthy forms. You can choose between sales and tech support but either way can be connected to an agent almost immediately. Furthermore the online FAQs, articles and guides are tremendously useful allowing you to problem solve yourself without having to speak to a single person. It looks like they don’t advertise phone support or display a phone number anywhere, which could be disappointing for some people, especially the technophobes among us.


The way Scangaurd handles their additional tools is awesome. As briefly mentioned before, you can choose to add-on extra features in your control panel or on the order form, but these aren’t essential or mandatory. This allows you to create a custom package for yourself and cut costs. If you don’t feel you need for ‘Smartphone protection’ then don’t add this feature, simple as that! Features might be slightly limited at the moment, but it’s only been around sine 2016 and so can you expect a full competitive feature list?