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Arguably the biggest name in the game. Norton has been making antivirus software since viruses have been written. A quick look down the aisle of any computer shop you will see the bright yellow Norton package staring at you right in the face screaming “install me!”. Norton Antivirus is hit with so many. Simple installation, easy to use, good customer service. Norton ticks many of the boxes when looking for antivirus software. But be sure to look beyond the shiny yellow packaging and see that Norton may not be quite at glamorous as it seems. Difficult uninstalls and lack advanced features leave many stuck on the fence. Where do you sit? Here’s what we had to say…


Norton offers 4 different levels of protection each with their own individual price. Starting at “Norton Antivirus Basic”, then moving onto “Norton Security Standard”, followed by the Premium and Deluxe factors. Choosing which one comes down to how many devices (PC’s, Macs, smartphones, tablets) and what features you are after. Antivirus basic only protects one PC (Not Mac) and will provide basic antivirus protection. This will set you back £29.99. If you are looking to protect the family, for more than 5 devices you will need to subscribe to the Security Deluxe service. The deluxe service also includes automatic backups and 25gb free cloud storage. Security Deluxe will cost £69.99 a year. All Norton products include a 100% virus free guarantee. You cannot argue that Norton provides exceptional value.

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

Norton is the biggest name in the antivirus game. So you can expect some top quality and incredibly secure protection. 90% of the time, which is the case. But be warned, there have been slip-ups in the past. Norton will find all the viruses on your device and eliminate them. However, Norton may also detect some of your existing, safe programs and documents as a threat to security and remove them from your device as well. This is the price you pay with Norton. High security and protection, at the cost of some convenience. I will let you decide on that.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

Customer service is unfortunately where Norton’s reputation suffers. To get through to a real person in Norton is almost as hard as removing the virus yourself. To talk to a member of the support team you have to fill out a form online to get the number to call. Alternatively, you could use the “Live chat” on the Norton website. But this will only get you so far and can often be frustrating. For example, you could be going back and forth with live chat for 20 - 30 mins then it will tell you to call the support team. There are plenty of online forums and support resources to check out if you need help, however.


When it comes to features you get what you pay for with Norton. Antivirus Basic is only basic antivirus and that is it, nothing more. If you spend a little bit more you can find some really neat features. If we take a look at Norton Security Deluxe, you can get instant protection from the moment you hit subscribe across 10 devices. Security Deluxe and Premium will also grant you access to Norton’s web-portal, where you can manage protection for all your devices really with ease. If you subscribe to Deluxe or Premium you will receive family safety features, so you will not have to worry about the kids coming uncross inappropriate and unsafe content online. As I mentioned previously, Deluxe will also grant you 25gb of cloud storage.

Customer Reviews


there support and customer service only takes 10 hours on the phone only to be disconnected had to find a more reliable virus program i was a 10 plus year plus customer what a shame

Paid by a visia charge card

I ordered on May 9, 2020 , A special for 47.00....My charge card was with Visa, the charge that was on my card was 127.19....I was not happy about this, Please check this out....I had a date which said good on the the the 9th of May for that offer....Please check this out....I have been a customer for many years...and prior to this I have been satisfied with your company

i had it one it.and like

have order it bi had it one time before

John Holmes

My norton antivirus expired months ago.I did not renew it, because I DO NOT WANT IT. So please stop sending me reminders to renew expired license now.

D Strewart

Had the product for renewal they charged my credit card for their highest package woithout my consent...they did apologize but was very displeased so I have canceled my account. They are not the company they used to be....

Keith Jensen

Have had Norton for years. Just discovered that my computer was seriously infected with adware. Used Remote PC Support. Adware is gone but cost $50. Thought Norton took care of this, guess not.

Shobhana Thakkar Meisel

Reliable but having to phone every year to get the price down for renewal. By email notification I was quoted £69.99. But on line renewal is £39.99! Every year having to say I do not want to be on auto renewal.

Siaed Mulkeev

Slightly overpriced if you ask me. Also lots of annoying popups.

Rebecca Knowles

Knew what I was getting with Norton. Solid reliable antivirus.

Arnie worldwide

Very expensive!! Not really sure I need to pay this much for antivirus!!! Taking a look at some other options!