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BullGuard, founded in 2001 have been around for almost 16 years, so they’ve got plenty of experience under their belt. They predominately concentrate on anti-virus and anti-phishing software but also offer software like mobile-backup and internet security. They’ve accumulated 10 awards over a 5 year run earning plenty of respect from their competition but it hasn’t all gone smoothly, they released a version of their anti-virus which was marking all .exe files as viruses and moving them to quarantine. Not good at all but then again it’s hard to be perfect.


BullGuard’s cheapest suite called ‘Antivirus’ doesn’t compare that well to all the other packages we’ve reviewed due to the lack of features, so we are going to concentrate on their ‘Internet Security’ suite which starts at $59.95 per year. This is also a multi-device license just like Total AV, so per device it works out much cheaper. Imagine having to buy one suite per device? You could be spending over $150 a year to protect your 3 favourite devices – the average consumer has 2.3 devices in their household.

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

BullGuard is well known for their quality antivirus products, which is reflected in the amount of awards they have received over their 16 year stint in the cyber-world. In tests performed by us the software was smooth, simple and worked exactly as expected which reflects the results from TopTenReviews. They scored 100% in their anti-malware test and a very respectively 92% with ‘Ease of Scanning’. You certainly won’t go far wrong if you choose BullGuard, but are there enough features and is support good enough for you?

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

Again, BullGuard have impressed us in this area too. They offer multi-lingual (6 different languages in total) support channels via live chat. The support is very quick, we connected in just under a minute at peak times. They do also offer email support, FAQs, articles and guides - the usual stuff that most companies will offer. A downside (for some people) is that they don’t offer telephone support but they can’t do it all. By the time you’ve found the number, picked up your phone and started calling you’d be connected to an agent via live chat anyway – so why waste your time?


Depending on the suite you opt for, depends on what features you get. However we think ‘Internet Security’ is the most comparable and so we’ll be addressing the features available in this suite. To be fair, the feature set is pretty substantial, you get; safe browsing, spamfilter, PC Tune Up, vulnerability scanner, firewall, parental control and encrypted cloud backup! Lots of features to keep you interested and more importantly safe! You might not see this as a feature but as standard, you get a 60 day free trial with ‘Internet Security’ which is incredible! If this doesn’t give you a reason to try it then what will?

Customer Reviews


It's one of the greatest safe guard that one can ever have

r clear

just switched to bullguard trying to get rid of some bullshit adware that was deeply imbedded in my firefox, couldn't do it manually but my first full scan quarantined the adware and then removed it. made me happy!!!



Jennifer James

We have been customers for about 5 years now and are happy with this service. We had Norton previously but my computer was crashed by another purporting to be Norton, so not impressed with that, hence the change. We have the Premium package which covers 10 items, therefore as Kaspersky is no longer supported by our bank we now use BullGuard on our phones too. When my husband and I each had to contact BullGuard their help was immediate and solved each of our problems which related to a Windows 10 update. So far we are happy with this product and feel it is reasonable value for money and have actually seen attacks deflected on screen.


good easy to use and install

Brian Revill

Not to impressed with Bullguard - problems arises and very hard to operate and find out what the problem is I have used it fro two years more now but I think a change is in the air - support lacking.