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MalwareBytes is exactly what it says it is. Nothing more nothing less. MalwareBytes simply protects you against Malware and that is it. Yes, a virus is technically Malware. But the difference between MalwareBytes and other antivirus companies is that MalwareBytes simply removes the malware and that is it. MalwareBytes is great at removing malware, but does not include all the other fancy features other companies boast about having. But for some those features are not in particular necessary.


MalwareBytes offer a free service! This will remove malware at no cost to you, but does not tell you what you can do to prevent this from happening again. Making the leap up to the premium version will set you back £34.99 a year for one PC. You can buy protection for as many up to 10 PC’s, costing roughly £10 extra per PC. There are business options available too. If you buy protection for 2 years instead of one you can save up to 25% off the total price. For simple, quick and effective malware protection and nothing else, this is a bit more pricey compared to other companies who will throw in so much more for the same (or less).

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

As I mentioned previously, MalwareBytes removes malware and that’s it. It is a simple piece of kit that will protect you and nothing else. So as you can expect MalwareBytes is very good at what it does. MalwareBytes is one of the best and top rated malware removal tools out there. Yes it is more expensive than others and contains less flashy features. But it will get the job done, fact.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

Since MalwareBytes is such a good piece of software, it is unlikely you will run into many issues. MalwareBytes do not have much when it comes to offering support if you ever come across and issue. If you do, you can find resources such as videos, forums and FAQ’s on the MalwareBytes website. To talk to an actual human being from the MalwareBytes support team you will struggle. MalwareBytes support can only be reached by email, between the hours of 6am-5pm Pacific time on weekdays.


If you a want simple, easy to use, and effective malware removal tool, MalwareBytes is the one for you. I have mentioned previously that this is just very good malware removal and nothing else. If you want more, go elsewhere. Do you need more? That is your call to make!

Customer Reviews


great service

MJ Dickehage

Super slow scanning, 2-6 hours, sometimes longer. Computer barely responds when the scan is running.

Phillip Viniard

Very Good

Ivan Melanson

love it!!

June L. Kelly

I have Malware'antimalware on my other computer, and it really protects. I was receiving support from a website and it notified me that it was blocking it. The person on the other line wanted me to disable it, but I didn't, I hung up.

Phyllis White

I had emailed Malwarebytes a month ago and stated that I noticed that my server wasn't connected. I was emailed back with instructions on what to do to resolve the issue from a Representative by the name of William Rowland -- "Gringo_pr". Following those instructions just didn't connect my server, so today I reinstalled Malwarebytes Free Trial and want to know if the remaining time that I have with Malwarebytes could be applied to the Free Trial that I downloaded on my computer. I hope this question makes sense. Please email me back to

carl zumwalt

I've not heard as well, any negative press on this product. I have professional friends that swear by this.


its very good


I do have only a naïve knowledge about computer protection. I bought my PC together with recommended McAfee protection from PC World. I was plagued by viruses from the off. Knowhow customer support recommended Malwarebytes. Over the past year or two Malwarebytes has kicked in numerous times and I have had no problems since. McAfee is up for renewal and I can see it supposedly provides things Malwarebytes doesn't such as email protection. However, I am now wondering whether it is worth paying for both. I am definitely keeping Malwarebytes because it has, by far, given me better protection than I experienced with both AVG and McAfee in the past.